Wedding Videos

How will you relive your wedding day?

In a few years the memories of your wedding day will have faded into a misty haze

Vague recollections of the ceremony, the vows, the speeches and jokes.

But the memories of your day could be as fresh as the day they happened
A digital video will capture all the colour, sound, romance, and laughter forever in a format that will never age.

Why have a video?

Our wedding videos capture the emotions and events of the day. We make a documentary of your wedding, how you met, the proposal, and then the big day from start to finish.

Did you know?

  • 70% of brides have their wedding videotaped by someone.
  • 54% of brides thought their video more fully captured the emotion of their wedding day  compared to 27% for the photographers.
  • After the wedding, 79% of brides view the videographer as a "Top 10" service.


How to select a wedding videographer.


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Terry Jenkins
Date: Nov 14, 2010

Renegade Video have been producing quality and entertaining videos for the past 5 years for our childrens horse camp. Each child is highlighted and these productions are watched over and over "till they are worn out" according to satisfied parents. Renegade catches the essence of the "horse ...